Ibanez AEG 40II Review


Ibanez AEG 40II (To see detailed info, go to My Worship Gear page.)

The other day I bought this acoustic-electric guitar to add to my worship gear.  After leaving my fender acoustic-electric guitar at Singapore, I’ve been wanting a good acoustic-electric guitar for a very long time.  And finally…I got my hands on this gorgeous amazing guitar.  Here is my review.

I was originally going to buy a $300 Yamaha electric-acoustic guitar until I found this guitar at my local guitar shop.

1. The first thing I noticed about this guitar is how the neck fits perfectly in your hands. (My hands are 18cm/7inches long)

Here are the Neck Dimensions

Neck Dimensions
Scale 634mm
a : Width at Nut 43mm
b : Width at 14th Fret 55mm
c: Thickness at 1st 20mm
d : Thickness at 7th 21mm
Radius 400mmR

2. Another thing I notice when I was playing was how easy it was to play. (It could be that the strings are quite low.)

Every time I test an acoustic guitar, I try to play electric guitar solos on them to see how easy they are to play.  I was able to play all of the solos perfectly.

3. Another aspect of this guitar that captured my was it’s body.

Here are the dimensions of the body.

Body Dimensions
a : Length 19 1/4″
b : Width 15″
c : Max Depth 3 1/4″

I not sure what the average max depth of an acoustic guitar is, but this guitar is only 3 1/4 inches.

Compared to other acoustic guitars, this guitar is pretty thin.  For people like me who like to strap up their guitars, It’s not too bulky to do so.  So if you are a person that stands and plays a lot, this guitar is perfect for you.

The body size is also small compared to the average acoustic guitar.

4. Though the body is small, it is still able give a deep sound.

Don’t be fooled by the small body; this guitar is still able to give the deep sound you are looking for.

5. This guitar sounds amazing plugged in.

As you can see in the preamp picture, this guitar has a low, mid, high, volume knob.

These knobs are able to give you a wide range of sounds.  (I might need to upload a video to demonstrate.)

It also has a built in tuner and a phase switch -which simply reduces feedback.

6. Finally, it’s just a beautiful guitar to look at.

The whole concept of “Love at First Sight” actually does exist.
The first time I saw this guitar I really did fall in love with, I forgot all about that $300 Yamaha. (I did feel bad about that Yamaha like I cheated on it.)

I am pretty sure anybody who buys this guitar would be satisfied.

For more information here is the link to the official website.  (Ibanez AEG 40II Website)

If you have any questions just comment.


2 thoughts on “Ibanez AEG 40II Review

  1. Could you upload a video of you playing it? Trying to decide whether or not I want one, but can’t find any videos of it!

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